How do I find my Twin Stranger?

A:  Firstly, Sign up for free and upload good clear photos, and select some of your facial features.  You will then be shown user profiles that have the same facial settings. Once you discover someone that looks like you, you can connect with them. It’s useful to note that after you sign-up you can upload an additional three photographs to your profile to make sure your twin can find you. 

Stuck for time? We have launched a new service, (AI Search) where you can buy time on our AI facial image scanning platform to have your profile compared against some or all of TWINSTRANGERS.COM users and come back to you with a list of profiles whose images are similar to yours.


How long does it take to find my Twin Stranger?

A: Using TWINSTRANGERS.COM is one of the best ways to find your TwinStranger. Every day the number of people signing up grows giving you the best chance to find him/her here.  Even if you don't at first find anyone who is your exact facial twin, the fact that more and more people are signing up means that your facial twin may also discover you. We have had countless matches on TS to date. Check out our facebook page to see the latest Twin Stranger pairing. Remember, the more pictures you have in your profile the easier it will be for your Twin Stranger to find you AND for you to know that your Twin Stranger is a perfect match!


Is there anything I can do to speed up the process of finding my Twin Stranger?

A: Yes! Make sure we can see you clearly in your photographs. Your Twin Stranger will never be able to find you if your picture is too dark, blurry, taken from a weird angle, has a filter or features you pulling a face (check out our video on this).


You can upload 5 photographs. Make sure that at least the first image is with a straight face taken from directly in front of you (not above or below). Please do not hide your face with sunglasses, hats or scarves either- every inch of your face is important to be visible especially for AI search.

One final thing that you can do is to spread the word. The more people you tell about TS the more chance your twin stranger or their friend signs-up and discovers you!


How can I change my profile picture?

A:  Login to your account. Click on 'My Profile'. In the 'upload your images section' click on the first box. An upload option will appear.


If I have no matches on my account, is there any way I can search through more people to find my Twin Stranger?

A: Yes absolutely! 


(1) Use our manual filter system to add or take away certain facial features - this will display a greater variety of potential Twin Strangers in your manual search.

(2) Stuck for time? Order an automated AI profile scan. Let our AI platform scan through our database for matches for you.


How do I talk with a person I think is my Twin Stranger?

A: If you think you have found a Twin Stranger and would like to talk to them, click on the ‘connect’ button (The 'connect' button appears after you have 'starred' someone in your 'My Twins' folder). If they too click on the 'connect' button both your email addresses will be revealed to either party. Send them an email and who knows where it could lead...


What if they don't want to talk with me?

A: Sometimes some Twin Strangers are happy to just see a photo of you. This makes us sad too :(
Don’t worry though! it’s said we have seven Twin Strangers so hopefully there is one out there that would like to connect.




Why won’t my pictures upload?

A:  If you’re having trouble with your photographs we have some specifications we need for your images, particularly the size (UNDER 2MBs). See the instructional guide here: https://youtu.be/xW56BHnE3ik


What do I do if I don’t know what facial features I have?

A:  That’s totally ok! It’s difficult to know sometimes. Check out our animations on the site and ask your friends what do they think that you look like. Be honest with yourself and remember you can always change your features after you sign-up if you change your mind!





I forgot my password.

A: If you forget your password click on the ‘forgotten password?’ link underneath LOGIN on the sign-in page. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.


I forgot my username.

A: Don't worry, you can also sign in with the email address you registered your account with too. You will then see your username in the top left beside your profile photo.


I forgot my email address I signed up with, can you help me?

A:  If you have forgotten both your username and email address used with this account you will have to reregister. 




How much does Twin Strangers membership cost?

Membership is FREE...! There is no charge whatsoever for using manual filter search or interacting with other users. We do charge for use of the AI search service to recover the costs of licencing this advanced technology for use by our users.


What method of payment do you accept for the AI scanning service? 


A: We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also accept payment through Paypal.


Is Twin Strangers safe?

A: All connections to our website are encrypted using SSL to ensure your privacy and data security. We use Stripe as our preferred payment gateway provider ensuring your credit card information is safe and secure. We also do NOT store your credit card details and all credit/debit card processing is done over encrypted SSL connections to a financially regulated payment gateway.




How do I delete my account?

A:  We will be sorry to see you go, however you can delete your account at any time. Simply login to your profile and click on MY ACCOUNT along the top. Follow the instructions. NOTE: All information will be permanently deleted. There is no undo.


Why has my account been removed?

A: The purpose of Twinstrangers.com is to find your doppelganger anywhere in the world. We are not looking for the doppelganger of a cat, a hand, a devil, a cup of tea or anything else that is not a human face. If your profile photos do not contain a human face, your account will be removed. Accounts with explicit content will also be removed. You may not be notified and you will not receive any refund.